Need Value? Want Benefits? Contact Trex for Your Decking Needs.

If you are wanting to know which decking service has the best track record of service and materials, turn to Trex. Trex makes use of more real wood in it's materials than their competitors, which makes it different and better. It happens to be recyclable and not in any way damaging to the environment. Although comprising real wood, it requires much less maintenance than wooden decking.

After you originally see the prices of Trex decking, you may be thinking it is rather expensive, but you'll change your mind once you think it through. The initial expense is not the only cost of most products, but with Trex decking you need to look at additional features. For example, when you use wood you'll have to worry about bugs and wood rot, and you'll have to stain or paint just about every year. If you decide to use Trex rather than wood, you will have no annual maintenance issues, and it will last for the rest of your life. You are likely to realize that Trex is the best price, after you add up all of the addition costs that will be necessary to keep your wood deck in good shape.

You should be impressed with some of the other features, like no cracking, no splinters, slip-resistant, no swelling when exposed to moisture, and minimal shrinking in cold weather. Even so, it is possible to saw through it just like most wood decking, and also fasten it to the wooden frame the same way. With UV protection, the Trex decking will not fade, however hot the days become, or how much glare from the sun. Right at the outset, you could detect a very slight fading process as the Trex material adapts to its surroundings, but this is minor, indeed.

The fabric of the decking is made from reclaimed wood, that may be fiber or sawdust, and recycled plastic. The color will go all of the way through each tile or plank. For further support, you can purchase a set up kit, which comes with instructions on how to make a beautiful deck. Also you can download the directions from the Trex website, although the installation kit is an additional cost. When you make your initial buy of Trex materials for your deck, be sure and get all you're going to need, considering that if you have to place another order you may not be able to get precisely the same color.

Trex is the #1 manufacturer in the marketplace, with nothing but top quality products and a proven track record. Their goods are guaranteed against warping, splintering and rotting, as well as insect pest damage, for your peace of mind. If you are planning to live in your house for a while, Trex will pay for itself within five years. Additionally, you'll never have to paint it, which is often a great thing. If that isn't going to convince you to consider Trex, nothing will.
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